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Thuma bed review buying guide

Thuma beds are magnificent, easy to assemble, and made from quality materials. If you are searching for a bed which it is possible to come up with in your without any tools plus it still comes out trying to find a professional position, then a Thuma bed might be exactly appropriate for you personally.

Within our Thuma bed review, we’ll discuss all the pros and cons of purchasing one of these beds. You’ll get insight into the business, its products, and the degree of customer care you can expect when doing business with Thuma.

Frame platform bed



Pros & Cons

  • Could Take up to 1,500 lbs

  • Put together in five minutes

  • No resources required

  • Compact delivery

  • No noises from pliers

  • Just comes in one fashion

  • Need to put it together yourself

  • Only two choices for PillowBoard colour

  • Comes in three separate boxes

Thuma looked around the bedroom and decided it could perform better and it started with the bed. As stated by the state Thuma bed reviews, the organization maintains that for far too long we’ve settled for beds that we simply aren’t entirely pleased with. And so the company decided to address that problem by designing the greatest platform bed.

The Thuma bed uses the most effective of home design styles, Japanese layout, and contemporary architecture to develop a bed that has the height of simplicity. And, since the company maintains, simplicity are at the heart of sophistication.

The goal was to develop a trendy bed that can possibly be put together at home without some tools or previous knowledge. And then we believe Thuma succeeded at this.


Pros & Cons

  • Could Take up to 1,500 pounds

  • Assembled in five minutes

  • No tools needed

  • Compact Shipping

  • No sounds from slats

  • Only comes in one fashion

  • Need to put it with yourself

  • Only two choices for PillowBoard colour

  • Comes in three separate boxes

This makes the product both eco-friendly and everywhere accessible to Thuma’s factories and also the people who make these engineered beds.

The padded PillowBoard is created of a 100% polyester pebbled linen-weave, that covers a more concentric foam filling. The PillowBoard is a comfortable and functional solution to this classic headboard.

It’s constructed from re-purposed rubberwood that would otherwise go to waste after all of the latex had been extracted. It’s solid as well as eco-friendly. Although it’s walnut in color, you might find variations in the coloring due to the organic properties of the wood, according to Thuma bed reviews.

The cushioned pliers really are double strength and lined using something known as Eco-fi felt made using recycled plastics. They truly are durable and offer a quietness that’s unusual in bed slats. With these pliers, you never need a boxspring or bed skirt as they’re designed to be exactly that which some other mattress should break.

The PillowBoard is created of the tapered foam filling and 100% polyester pebbled linen to make for a comfortable and trendy alternative to that which would usually be a headboard. You have a choice between two colors: dark charcoal or pale linen.

  • Assembly Process
  • You will have three boxes together with all the bits on the bed frame and PillowBoard.
  • There are just two hand-tightened screws, and that you don’t need any tools to fit the remaining pieces together.
  • It needs to require one man between 5 and 15 minutes to put on this bed even if they’re carrying their time.
  • The PillowBoard is designed to slide in between the back of the bed and also a wall or some hard surface that the bed is up against.
  • Durability and Maintenance

You’ll find that this wooden bed frame is as durable as wooden bed frames make. Despite not having any tools, the frame is solid and sturdy. You don’t require any extra pieces, aside from a mattress. The mattress rests on permanent and double-strength slats, which willn’t lead to any squeaking.

Once the bed is assembled, it must not need much attention then. It’s really a good idea to pull out the bed once in a while with a soft cloth, making sure it stays away from moisture. You can also get rid of the PillowBoard to scrub it. Apart from that, it won’t require much maintenance.

Customer Service

We make it evident within our Thuma review that section of this company’s belief is to make”bedtime” (yes, it treats it as two words) better, and this includes offering superior support. Representatives handle each client as if they truly are curating an experience for them and not simply selling them a bed.

  • But to begin with, you should check out their detailed FAQ section to see if your question is already answered.
  • The company also offers the choice of sending snail mail if that is something.
  • Terms of Sale
  • Present Period and Return

There exists a 100-day period for brand new Thuma owners to review the bed at their leisure and decide whether it suits their requirements. If you select at any time before the 100 days is upward to reunite the bed, you are going to receive a refund for the purchase price you paid for the bed.

All you need to complete in order to return the bed is contact with the organization and adhere to the instructions you’re given.

Shipping Options

Thuma reviews show that the bed is shipped for you in three boxes. In this manner, it’s very portable them upstairs or move them through different doors at home.

Currently, Thuma doesn’t offer international delivery. The bed is likely to be delivered between you and seven business days, based on where in the United States you reside. If you want to schedule every day and time for delivery, then feel free to email the business and it’ll do its very best to accommodate you.


The Thuma bed has a lifetime warranty. Within our Thuma bed review, we feel that the company believes this bed is of such good quality that it will endure if you require it to. So if there aren’t any manufacturing defaults throughout the moment you own your Thuma bed, then you will find a way to contact the business to sort the issue.

As these will be the prices currently, you should keep an eye on the site for your sporadic Thuma bed discount code or promotion. You might also get financing for your Thuma bed through Affirm. Simply click on Affirm when choosing your repayment option at checkout.

The Thuma wooden bed frame and PillowBoard can be just a strong favorite and for good reason. It’s incredibly solid, safe, silent, and secure because it’s trendy and complex. And since the warranty lasts a lifetime, you understand that this bed frame will endure for as long as you want it to. Additionally, it is super easy to establish, requiring no gear, and will just take one 5–fifteen minutes to build on your own.

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