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Purple 3 Mattress Overview

The initial Purple Mattress is now increasingly popular through the years thanks to the rare yet very comfortable Hyper-Elastic Polymer design. Now, buyers are able to obtain extra supportive and comfortable Purple Hybrid Premier mattresses (otherwise called Purple 3 plus Purple 4), that contain thick Hyper-Elastic Polymer top comfort layers and an inviting pocketed coil base. This review is going to be based around the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 model, however, we’ll also touch on what it compares to unique beds such as Purple Hybrid Premier 4 and also the bottom Purple Hybrid version.

However owing to its versatility and exceptional caliber, we think that bed is worth it as long as it’s in your budget and you’re open to trying something brand new (and very cozy).

Within this review, we’ll show the many remarkable highlights of the Purple Hybrid Premier mattresses, so carry on to seek out with the mattress is perfect for you personally and your budget.

Purple 3 mattress comes with a gel-like feel that’s exceptional. As you lay down on the bed, you’ll truly feel the polymer top layer compressing, folding, and conforming to the body’s contour. That is as a result of the ultra-responsive Hyper-Elastic Polymer, that snaps back in place right after the pressure has been released. The reactive nature of the plastic together with a bounce from the coils means busy sleepers will discover it effortless to switch between positions — you won’t get someone off the stuck-in-the-mud feeling with this bed.

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

While nearly all the Slumber Yard team members like the feel of the mattress, it could really feel odd to certain people. However, in line with many Purple mattress reviews, sleepers heat up to the feel and wind up loving it.

If you’d like, you are able to order types of Hyper-Elastic Polymer on the corporation’s website to test that out to yourself. It isn’t the specific construction, but it is going to offer you a fairly detailed idea.


With respect to firmness, it’s tough to rate Purple beds as the upper layer has such exceptional traits, but if pressed, we’d express that the Purple 3 mattress arrives in around a moderate to medium-firm to the stability scale.

Pressure relief

The Hyper-Elastic Polymer is exceptional since it is pressure-relieving yet supportive. It’s one of those few mattresses available at which you receive the very best of both worlds (anxiety relief and service ), according to many Purple 3 mattress reviews.


The Purple 3 is currently among the best beds in the marketplace in terms of temperature law, an evaluation you can learn more about our What is Temperature Legislation? guide. This mattress made our list to receive the Top Mattresses For Sexy Sleepers.

We offer the Purple Hybrid Premier that lobbied for 2 reasons. To begin with, Hyper-Elastic Polymer is a temperature-neutral fabric. Unlike a lot of common foams, Hyper-Elastic Polymer doesn’t maintain and underfloor heating. In addition, all Purple mattress models permit a lot of airflows. Purple purposely built the upper layer of aluminum in a grid creation. By doing this, the top layer has several rows and columns of tiny polymer squares, which allows air to flow freely near the surface of the bed.

Purple 3 Mattress Construction

  • The Purple 3 mattress was constructed with several different kinds of substances and steps out to be 12″ compact. Here is the way the layers pile up:
  • Polyurethane foam: The mattress has a 1″ layer of compact foam to function as the bed’s foundation
  • Support coils: The mattress has separately wrapped 7.5″ coils for durability and rebound
  • Hyper-Elastic Polymer: The relaxation layer uses 3″ of the brand’s special Hyper-Elastic Polymer fabric, which provides equally pressure support and relief at precisely the same time
  • Funny enough, the Purple 3 version utilizes 3″ of the polymer at the upper relaxation layers, Purple 4 utilizes 4″, and Purple two (the base hybrid version ) uses 2″. You can utilize this trick as something to remember which Purple Hybrid mattress is that.

Purple hybrid premier mattress 3

If you are worried about getting the pay dirty, you should see Purple’s Mattress Protector, which can be machine washable. As an alternative, you’ll be able to take a look at popular mattress designs on Amazon, that are inclined to be affordable.

Purple 3 Mattress Body Type Analysis

Petite Sleepers

  • The Purple 3 will provide more than enough support for smaller-sized individuals. In all honesty, petite body types could probably save money and go with the flagship Purple mattress. The flagship model will still provide adequate support, yet you’ll still get the benefits of Hyper-Elastic Polymer.

Moderate Sleepers

  • Average-sized sleepers (150 pounds or less) will experience plenty of support from the Purple 3, but because of their lighter size, they may not feel as much of the pressure-relieving capabilities these beds can provide.

  • Heavy Sleepers

Overweight Sleepers

  • We generally steer heavier sleepers toward beds with coils, so the Purple Hybrid Premier fits the bill.
  • Coils are more durable and also provide more support than the dense foams a lot of online mattresses use for their support structure. Coils, as opposed to support foams, provide bi-directional support, which basically means the coils have some give (compress) but also push back against pressure. Beds with coils are better equipped to support all the extra pressure big folks exert on a bed.

We presume all Purple beds really are good for side sleepers. The Hyper-Elastic Polymer top layer does a great job of cradling your hips and shoulders. Purple enjoys steering strict side sleepers supporting the 4″ model, which comes with an extra inch of polymer (adds even more pressure relief). But we presume 3″ will suffice to most side sleepers. There is a reason we included most Purple beds on our Best Beds For Side Sleepers list.

Back And Stomach Sleepers

The Purple 3 mattress provides plenty of aid for stomach and back sleepers. Between your coils as well as the polymer top layer, the areas under your back and backward are always backed. Sure, your buttocks sink a little into the stomach whenever you’re in your own back (which will be very normal) but never to the stage at which your spine drops out of alignment.

Combination Sleepers

Purple states the 3″ model is that their flagship bed for combo sleepers. Once we mentioned it previously, the mattress discovers a nice balance between relaxation and service. Plus, the reactive character of the coils also Hyper-Elastic Polymer make it simple for busy sleepers to shift positions.

Can Be Purple 3 Best for Couples?

Like we mentioned earlier, the gel-like feel of this polymer top layer can be divisive. Some people today swear by it, plus some folks believe it is a little too weird. In the event you and your partner have different sleeping tastes, then you need to take a look at our list of the Best Beds For Couples.

A mattress with very good motion isolation means one partner won’t be bothered whenever the different partner moves because the bed excels at deadens movement. This bed does a good job of deadening motion, so irrespective of how resilient the substances are indoors. In our evaluations, we hardly noticed any motion moved from 1 side of the mattress to another side.

Edge Support

The Purple 3 additionally provides exemplary advantage aid. The spiral Purple mattresses utilize compact foam side railings around the perimeter of the bed. Consequently, there’s almost no compression around the edges.

Edge service is very important for couples that talk about a more compact size mattress or who often tend to kick their partner to the corner of the bed. Fantastic border support means that there was enough support around the outside of the bed where you won’t feel as though you’re likely to roll off the other negative if you’re pushed to the border.

What Does the Purple 3 Mattress Cost?

The Purple Premier Hybrid 3 mattress is high priced. There’s no getting around it. But given the high-quality construction of this bed, we’re not all that amazed. Here is how pricing breaks by size.

Unfortunately, Purple isn’t big on offering online codes or promo codes to make its beds less expensive. However, Purple is almost always running some kind of promotion where that you get a free gift (sheets, pillow, etc.) with each mattress purchase. Assess Purple.com to observe what the business is currently offering.

May Be Your Purple 3 Mattress Worth It?

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again–we’re big fans of Purple beds. Hyper-Elastic Polymer supplies a large number of benefits.

One of the things we love about it bed is its versatility. It is useful for sleepers of all sizes and all sleep types, therefore it’s going to be worth it for some people.

Purple Mattress Replies

Besides this Purple 3, the Provider offers three additional mattress versions:

  • The flagship Purple mattress could be your organization’s most inexpensive bed. This version utilizes polyurethane foam for its service structure (as opposed to coils with the coil Purple models).
  • This mattress is like the Purple 3 but includes 1″ less of their company’s infamous Hyper-Elastic Polymer.
  • The Purple Hybrid Premier 4 mattress model has the same structure as Purple 3, however, it also uses an extra inch of aluminum in the top comfort layers and really is a tad bit softer. Additionally, it is the very costly Purple mattress of this crowd.
  • If you would like to have more info on the way Purple beds differ, it is possible to have a look at our New Purple Mattress Comparison.
  • Some mattress reviews note that the mattress is heavy and also has a different feel due to the outer coating.

Purple Has Many customer-friendly coverages, much like a lot of the different on Web mattress manufacturers within the area:

Trial period length: Purple extends to you a 100-night risk-free trial period. If you select the bed isn’t best for you, contact customer services to arrange for a thirdparty business to come get the mattress out of your home for no extra cost. Then, the company provides you with a full refund.

Guarantee coverage: Purple additionally backs its mattresses with a 10-year warranty.

Transport: All Of Purple mattresses come with free white-glove delivery. A crew will send the mattress and set up it for you in the area of choice. The shipping crew may even pull your old mattress at no cost.

The Purple 3 is far more cooling than the less-expensive Casper Mattress, and is effective for an assortment of sleepers (side, back, tummy ). The foam texture of this Casper is significantly more common and generic in relation to the gel-like texture of the Purple 3, and this Purple 3 mattress review report is a matter of personal taste.

Purple Hybrid Premier vs. Nectar Mattress

From the narrative of Nectar compared to Purple, the Nectar Mattress is good for lovers of memory foam who would like an affordable mattress option and remember a bed that feels of conventional, compact polyurethane foam. The more expensive Purple 3 comes with a gel-like composition that keeps sleepers cool in the evening time but might feel a little strange to sleepers that are not interested in straying from ordinary foam beds.

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