Purple 3 mattress

The Purple 3 Mattress, known as the Purple Hybrid Premier 3″, combines a proprietary pressure-reducing Grid system with a coil support system that includes a pressure-relieving pocket. Overall, customers are happy with the product, however, there are some complaints concerning the amount of pressure relief. Let’s figure it out in this purple 3 mattress review.

Purple 3 mattress
Purple 3 mattress

What is Purple?

Purple created a name for itself with its proprietary Purple Grid comfort layer, which is now used by many other brands. This layer is made of a hyper-elastic polymer substance that has been laid down in a grid pattern. The walls of this grid are capable of collapsing and rebounding in response to variations in pressure points.

Types of Purple mattress

Purple has three major mattress models: the Purple Mattress, the Purple Hybrid Mattress, and the Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress. The Purple Mattress is the most popular of the three. A hybrid design that combines the Purple Grid comfort layer with a coil core is used in the Purple, which is the company’s flagship all-memory foam model. The Purple Hybrid mattress and Purple Hybrid Premier mattress are both hybrid models.

What are a Purple 3 mattress and a Purple Hybrid Premier mattress?

What is purple mattress
What is purple mattress

With the Purple 3 Mattress, also known as the Hybrid Premier with 3-Inch Grid option, you get a groundbreaking gel polymer pressure-relieving layer that works in tandem with a pocketed coil support system below. This mattress has received a great deal of attention over the years, thanks to positive consumer feedback and viral marketing campaigns.

In terms of customer satisfaction, most customers find the Purple 3 mattress to be comfortable after a brief acclimatization period. Some people, on the other hand, complained about the firmness of the mattress, claiming that it was too firm for their liking. Several others have stated that they have had discomfort with middle spine support in some instances. Check out our top-rated mattresses for individuals looking for a well-balanced sleep experience, particularly our Dreamcloud mattress, which is a top-rated hybrid mattress that features pocketed coils.

Purple Hybrid Premier 3″ mattress – Materials & Construction:

Inside Purple Hybrid Premier 3 mattress
Inside Purple Hybrid Premier 3 mattress

The Purple 3 mattress is composed of a variety of different types of materials and is 12 inches in thickness. Here’s how the layers are arranged in order of priority:

Polyurethane foam: The bed is constructed with a 1” layer of dense polyurethane foam that serves as the bed’s base.

Support coils: The bed is constructed of individually wrapped 7.5” coils for durability and rebound.

Hyper-Elastic Polymer: The comfort layer is made up of three inches of the brand’s exclusive Hyper-Elastic Polymer material, which simultaneously relieves pressure while providing support.

Purple Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress Cover

The upper portion of the cover is made of a knit fabric that is 98 percent polyester and 2 percent spandex in composition. It becomes softer, more breathable, and more stretchy as a result of this.

The sides are constructed of a woven fabric that is 99 percent polyester and 1 percent spandex in composition. The bottom of the dress is made entirely of polyester.

The cover can be removed, however, it cannot be machine washed. You should only use cold water and a light detergent to clean it on a spot basis.

How Does the Purple 3 Mattress Feel?

How Does the Purple 3 Mattress Feel
How Does the Purple 3 Mattress Feel

Unlike other mattresses, the Purple mattress has a gel-like feel that is distinct. It’s possible to feel the polymer top layer compressing, folding, and molding itself to the contour of your body as you lie down on the bed. This is made possible by the Hyper-Elastic Polymer, which is extremely responsive and snaps back into place as soon as the pressure points are taken from the device. Because of the responsive quality of the polymer, along with the bounce provided by the coils, active sleepers will have no trouble switching between positions – you won’t experience that stuck-in-the-mud feeling with this bed.

The firmness of the Purple 3 mattress

For firmness, it is tough to assess Purple mattress because the top layer has such distinct qualities, but if forced to guess, we would say the Purple 3 mattress falls somewhere in the middle of the firmness spectrum, between medium and medium-firm.

However, given customer feedback indicating that it is stiffer than expected, it may be best suited for back or stomach sleepers, while average-sized side sleepers may find it somewhat too firm in some instances.

The pressure relief of the Purple 3 mattress

The Hyper-Elastic Polymer is unusual in that it provides pressure relief while also providing support. According to numerous Purple 3 mattress reviews, it is one of the few mattresses available that provides the best of both worlds (pressure relief and support).

The temperature of purple mattresses

If you’re looking for a bed that regulates temperature well, the Purple 3 mattress is one of the best options on the market.  

There are two main reasons why the Purple Hybrid Premier is one of the best mattress Hyper-Elastic Polymer is a temperature-neutral polymer, which means it may be used in any environment. Hyper-Elastic Polymer, in contrast to a large number of conventional memory foam, does not retain or radiate heat. In addition, all Purple mattress types include a lot of airflow throughout the mattress. Purple mattress made a deliberate decision to arrange the top layer of polymer in a grid arrangement. As a result, the top layer is composed of multiple columns and rows of tiny polymer squares, which allows air to flow freely near the top of the bed’s surface.

Who is Purple Hybrid Premier 3 mattress for?

Purple mattresses for lightweight sleepers weighing less than 130 lbs.

The Purple mattress will provide more than ample assistance for persons who are of smaller stature. Small body types might definitely save money by opting for the flagship Purple mattress instead of the pricier model. Even while the flagship model will still give appropriate support, you will still get the benefits of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer technology in this model.

Most likely to be unsatisfied with the Purple mattress are those who prefer a lighter-weight mattress. The Grid is activated by bodyweight and pressure; hence, light back sleepers and side sleepers may have difficulty activating the Grid, resulting in a mattress that is too firm for their liking. The Purple Hybrid Premier, on the other hand, will likely be an excellent match for stomach sleepers who require firmer bedding on a regular basis.

Purple mattresses for sleepers of average weight range from 130 lbs to 230 lbs.

Back sleeping may not be fully beneficial for those who weigh less than 230 pounds but more than 130 pounds. This is because of the fact that certain sleepers may not weigh enough to activate the comfort grid, resulting in their Purple feeling too firm. Those that fall closer to the top end of this spectrum, on the other hand, will find that the Grid is a good fit, providing a good combination of comfort and support.

It is possible that those who sleep on their side will experience the same dynamic: It is possible that lighter sleepers will not receive the full benefits of the Grid, but anyone weighing more than 180 pounds should be OK. Meanwhile, stomach sleepers of average weight will most likely appreciate the Purple Hybrid Premier, regardless of where they fall within that weight range on the scale.

Sleepers of average size (150 pounds or less) will find sufficient support in the Purple 3 mattress, but because of their little stature, they may not feel as much of the pressure-relieving qualities that these beds may provide.

Purple mattresses for heavyweight sleepers (those weighing more than 230 pounds)

In general, the Purple Hybrid Premier mattress is a fantastic choice for sleepers who are a little heavier than the average person (it is one of the best mattresses for heavy people). The Grid will provide comfort and support for heavyweight back sleepers, while heavyweight side sleepers will benefit from tailored pressure relief, which will prevent them from feeling cramped or bunched up at critical pressure areas. It happens to be one of the greatest mattresses for arthritis sufferers.

In general, stomach sleepers should find the Purple Hybrid Premier to be a comfortable mattress, though those who are extremely heavy may require a firmer mattress to provide adequate support for their hips.

It is recommended coil beds for heavier sleepers, and the Purple Hybrid Premier is a good example of what we mean.

Coils outlast and give more support than the dense foams that many internet mattresses rely on for their support structure. Coils are also more affordable than dense foams. Support coils, as opposed to supporting foams, provide bi-directional support, which essentially implies that the coils have some give (compress) but also push back against pressure when applied. Beds with coils are better able to withstand the additional pressure that large individuals place on their beds.

Is purple hybrid premier 3 suitable for side, back, and stomach sleepers?

Side Sleepers:

The deeper comfort layers of the Purple Hybrid Premier might provide more conforming support, which may be appealing to side sleepers who experience sharp pressure points at their shoulders and hips.

The Purple Hybrid Premier is available in two distinct Purple Grid thicknesses: 3 inches thick and 4 inches thick, depending on your preference. The mattress may appeal to side sleepers under 230 pounds in either type because there is ample area for them to sink in on either side of the bed. When it comes to side sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds, the Purple Hybrid Premier with the 4-inch grid may be the better choice because the increased depth provides more room to sink in before hitting the transition layer.

Back Sleepers:

The coil support core of the Purple Hybrid Premier, like that of the Purple Hybrid, acts as a sturdy, lasting foundation that should be sufficient for the majority of back sleepers to enjoy.

Back sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds may find the Purple Hybrid Premier, which has a 3-inch comfort layer, to be an appealing option. Back sleepers in this weight range benefit from the responsive comfort layer, which contours them without causing excessive sinkage. Back sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds may also find that the mattress provides a decent balance between shaping and support, however, some sleepers may find that their hips sink in too far.

In terms of hardness, the Purple Hybrid Premier with a 4-inch comfort layer grades around 5 on a 10-point firmness scale, indicating a slightly more supple medium feel. The Purple Hybrid Premier, which has a 4-inch comfort layer, maybe the best choice for back sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds because it provides a nice blend of softness and support. Back sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds may also benefit from good support, but the softer feel may let them sink in too deeply, which may interfere with the right alignment of their spine.

Stomach Sleepers:

In general, stomach sleepers require enough support to keep their tummies from sinking in too far. This is due to the fact that most people have greater weight in their midsections.

Comfort layers on both variants of the Purple Hybrid Premier are thicker than those on the Purple Hybrid, providing stomach sleepers with more space to sink in. Even though some people of all weight categories may find this extra plushness to be comfortable, others may feel that it lets their midsections sink in too deeply, which could interfere with correct spinal alignment. Stomach sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds are particularly susceptible to this condition.

Is purple hybrid premier 3 a good choice for couples?

The gel-like sensation of the polymer top layer might cause disagreements among users. There are those who swear by it, and there are those who find it a little strange.

A mattress that provides excellent motion isolation ensures that one person will not be bothered by the movements of the other partner because the bed is exceptionally effective at dampening movement. This bed performs a good job of dampening movement, regardless of how bouncy the materials used to construct it are on the interior. Our studies revealed that there was little to no motion transmission from one side of the mattress to another during sleep.

Purple Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress Benefits

Despite the fact that comfort is unquestionably the most essential benefit of a new mattress, there are a number of additional advantages to consider as well. We feel that a new mattress should provide you with comfort in a variety of other ways as well as physical comfort. Among the benefits are minimum motion transfer, excellent temperature regulation, and sturdy corner support. We’ll take a closer look at each of these advantages, as well as how the New Purple Mattress performs in each of these categories, in the sections below.

Motion isolation of purple hybrid premier

Motion isolation is provided with a typical purple pillow. Motion transfer is a bed is a significant headache for everyone who has ever had to cope with the problem. In fact, motion transfer has been identified as one of the most common causes for couples to wind up sleeping in different rooms. The mattress industry took notice of the problem and is now working to ensure that mattresses are constructed of materials that naturally absorb motion.

The Purple Hybrid Premier 3 also contributes to a better night sleep by allowing for little to no motion transfer during the night. With this being the primary focus of the design, there will be no transfer of motion from you to your spouse while sleeping on the new Purple 3. If you and your partner share a bed, we highly recommend taking a look at this mattress because of its revolutionary polymer grid.

Sleeping Cool of the Purple Hybrid Premier 3

Sleeping cool has been a significant issue with mattresses in recent years. The latter is especially true during the hotter months of the year when sleeping on your mattress can be an unbearable experience due to the heat. In the event that you have a memory foam mattress, you have most likely noted that memory foam naturally absorbs heat, aggravating your situation. The mattress industry is continually developing new forms of cooling technology in order to fight this situation. Fortunately, Purple Hybrid Premier 3 is a mattress that, thanks to its revolutionary design, prevents itself from being overheated during the night sleep.

The Purple 3 mattress performs an excellent job of delivering the support you require for your body type. This prevents you from becoming completely enveloped by the mattress. Aspects of the mattress’s layers that are particularly effective at allowing air to pass naturally through them rather than being trapped include: The aerated polymer layer is a perfect match for the considerable airflow that the coils receive in their design.

The polymer itself is a cool substance, which makes it easier to keep things cool in general. Furthermore, the coils ensure that no heat is ever trapped.

Purple hybrid premier mattress edge support

It’s possible that you’ve never heard of or looked into the term “edge support” previously. In fact, the very last thing you may want to check out on the mattress you are considering in-store is how long you can stay on the edge of it. The unfortunate reality is that the amount of support the mattress provides at its borders may be a significant indicator of how comfortably you can sleep on it.

When you sleep on a mattress with poor edge support, you will find yourself falling asleep on the floor. A mattress with adequate edge support, on the other hand, will allow you to sleep anywhere you wish without sinking too far into the mattress.

The Purple Hybrid Premier 3 mattress provides just the right amount of support for any sleeper. The Purple 3 mattress features a coil layer that gives a consistent degree of support throughout the mattress body. In addition, there is a foam encasement that improves the edge support as well. This permits you to sleep on the very edge of your bed without fear of experiencing any unwanted side effects from doing so. You will also be able to use the bed’s sides for sitting and for getting in and out of bed more effortlessly because of its design. The overall edge support of this mattress receives a two-thumbs-up rating.

Purple hybrid premier mattress durability

In the past, Purple mattresses have been praised for their high-quality materials, and this mattress is no exception. To put it another way, the Purple Hybrid Premier is built to last. It’s exceptionally long-lasting and should last you at least 10 years with proper care.

Purple hybrid premier mattress Off-Gassing

When bed-in-a-box mattresses are unpacked, they may release some moderate chemical scents, which is referred to as off-gassing. This is a common occurrence in the mattress industry. The Purple Hybrid Premier did not emit any off-gassing during our testing.

Purple hybrid premier mattress noise

While innerspring coils can occasionally generate some noise, we did not notice any noise at all as we moved around on the Purple Hybrid Premier throughout our testing.

What is the price of the Purple Hybrid Premier 3?

The Purple Premier Hybrid 3 mattress is a luxury item at a high price. There isn’t any getting away from it. The high-quality construction of the bed, on the other hand, does not surprise us in the least.

The use of Hyper-Elastic Polymer has a variety of advantages. If pricing isn’t a major consideration, the Purple 3 bed is one of the best mattresses available.

One of the aspects of this bed that we appreciate is its adaptability. It is effective for sleepers of all sizes and sleep styles, making it a worthwhile investment for the majority of people.

Trial Period & Warranty of Purple Hybrid Premier 3

The trial period and warranty are designed to accommodate the fact that purchasing things on the internet is not everyone’s first option. Many people prefer trying out things before making a final decision on whether or not to purchase them. This is especially true when it comes to more expensive items, such as beds. Mattress makers began offering sleep trial period warranties to enable their customers to get a feel for the product before committing to it and handing over their hard-earned money in order to tackle this problem in the early 2000s.

Any of the Purple 3 mattresses come with a 100 night trial period, allowing you to determine if it is the appropriate fit for your needs. If you don’t like the purple mattress, you may simply return it within the trial period for a full refund, which will be credited back to your credit card or checking account.

And if all goes according to plan and you decide to keep the Purple 3, you can take advantage of the company’s 10-year limited guarantee.

Foundation and Frame for Purple hybrid premier mattress

Because the purple mattress is heavy, you must employ strong support, such as a box spring, a foundation, or a slatted frame to keep it in place.

Specifically, the warranty says that a Queen-size mattress frame must have at least five legs, including center support, in order to qualify for the warranty.

All types of Purple Hybrid mattresses

Purple Hybrid: the Purple Hybrid is extremely firm, scoring probably about a 7/10 on the firmness scale. The very thin two-inch layer of hyper-elastic polymer creates an ultra-supportive feeling that may be particularly appealing to stomach or back sleepers. In general, you will feel the most “on top” of the Purple Hybrid, which could be a huge bonus for individuals who do not want to sink too much into their mattress.

Purple Hybrid Premier 3”: This hybrid hit a wonderful sweet spot for me, landing at a 6.5/10, which is, once again, the industry standard for medium firmness. This means that the bed is neither too soft nor too firm, which makes it a fantastic choice for people who sleep in a combination of positions.

Finally, the 4” Purple Hybrid Premier is introduced. This purple mattress received a rating of 5.5/10 from me, indicating that it has the softest hyper-elastic polymer grid of the lot. You wouldn’t think that an extra inch or two would make such a difference, but I discovered that it made a significant difference in how the room felt. Side sleepers would undoubtedly benefit the most from a purple mattress since the comfort layer provides ample cushioning around the shoulders and hips.

Usefull information about Purple hybrid premier mattress

Purple 3 mattresses
Purple 3 mattresses

The Purple mattress is absolutely risk-free to sleep on. The foam that was utilized was CertiPUR-US certified, which ensured that it was devoid of potentially dangerous substances.

Also included is Intertek’s Clean Air Certification, which indicates that the purple mattress has been tested for the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and has been shown to be free of them.

Despite the fact that it contains memory foam, the new Purple mattress does not emit any toxic fumes. Instead, it emits a mild new purple mattress scent that dissipates within a day or two.

The powder is polyethylene copolymer powder, sometimes known as plastic powder, and it is non-toxic. It isn’t talcumed powder at all. It is of food-grade quality, is chemically inert, and is fully non-toxic.

The purple mattress incorporates it into its purple mattress in order to avoid the Hyper-Elastic Polymer, a particular elastic substance on the top layer, from adhering to one another.


When it comes to mattresses, the Purple hybrid premier 3″ Grid Mattress can be a suitable fit for you if your preference is for the firm support provided by a coil system, but you also desire the optimal pressure relieving and cooling sensation provided by the well-known Purple polymer grid. If you want a hybrid purple mattress that is driven by technology and delivers excellent results in terms of comfort, support, motion isolation, and cooling. If you enjoy your purple hybrid premier mattress and would like to upgrade to the latest and greatest Purple bed, which has a more medium feel, at a reasonable price.

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