Olympic queen mattress

Looking for an Olympic queen mattress? This post will guide you on where to get the best Olympic queen mattresses online.  You’ve already noticed it’s not easy to find. Most mattress stores sell standard mattress sizes but not customized or unusual-sized mattresses. So don’t worry, we’ve done the research and collected the best Olympic queen mattress offers for you. 

How to choose the best Olympic Queen mattresses
How to choose the best Olympic Queen mattresses

What is the Olympic Queen mattress?

An Olympic queen mattress measures 66 inches wide by 80 inches long. When compared to a standard queen size mattress, it provides three inches of more sleeping area for each partner. Despite the fact that it is slightly wider than a standard queen size mattress, it is also slightly thinner than a standard king size mattress.

An Olympic Queen Mattress has a number of advantages over other mattress types. Particularly for some master bedroom designs, even the 66″ x 80″ dimensions might be ideal.

Olympic queen mattresses are a fantastic alternative for couples who lack the space required for a king matrasses. The selection of the right Olympic Queen mattress may take time as there are not so many offline places to buy it. Hopefully, you can find a lot of Olympic Queen Mattress offers online. 

Olympic Queen mattress type

Choosing Olympic Queen mattress
Choosing Olympic Queen mattress

Hybrid: A hybrid mattress combines innerspring and foam layers for optimum comfort. The innerspring provide the usual support and bounce, while the foam layers help relieve pressure and conform to the body’s contours. 

Memory foam mattresses: Memory foam has recently gained popularity. It has pressure relieves and is less expensive than latex or innerspring mattress.

Latex: Organic or health-conscious consumers choose latex. Latex Olympic queen mattress is obtained from the rubber tree and is organic or natural. 

Innerspring mattresses: An innerspring mattress uses metal springs for support. Many consumers prefer the bounce of a conventional mattress to those with back discomfort. 

The Best Olympic queen mattresses

  1. Orthosleep Products 10 Inch Amber Mattress (Olympic Queen)

This memory foam mattress is great for long and restful sleep. This mattress was built to take into account the way a person moves and reacts to body heat in order to deliver more consistent support while promoting more restful sleep. This mattress features memory foam on top, soft comfort foam in the middle, and high-density foam support on the bottom. This creates a feeling of softness, yet also of firmness.

It is a firm-support memory foam mattress with a supportive top and we recommend using a platform bed, box spring mattresses, or bed slats.

Orthosleep Products Olympic Queen mattress provides better-balanced support in response to the body’s heat and motion and reduces pressure points, helps circulation, and promotes a better night’s sleep. Besides, Nonallergenic and naturally antibacterial to help ensure allergy-free sleep

2. Purest of America 10 Inch Double Layer Memory Foam Mattress, Olympic Queen

US-made mattresses are created for ease of movement and support, allowing the foam mattress to make use of the three layers of high-quality materials. The finest mattress you will ever sleep on stems from a mixture of materials. The mattresses ships compressed and rolled in a box, which might take 48-72 hours for the mattress to completely expand after being opened.

The finest mattress you will ever sleep on stems from a mixture of materials. The base layer is constructed from high-density foam, which is followed by a layer of our comfort foam, and finally topped off with a 2.5″ layer of our memory foam. This mattress molding to the sleeper’s body, helping to reduce pressure points and making for a comfortable night’s sleep. 

3. Euro 14″ Olympic Queen Mattress

The Euro 2-sided mattress has 2 sides: one made of high-density foam and the other of memory foam, so you can choose the firmness level you like and turn the mattress to flip it for different positions. When the sleeper’s body heat and weight provide the right amount of pressure on the mattress, it reacts by conforming to the body while eliminating pressure spots.

The increased density of high-density foam supports a higher degree of support.

The mattresses include a high-quality fabric quilted cover. After opening, let it expand fully for around 48 to 72 hours. The warranty period is 25 years.

4. Orthosleep Products 12 Inch Amber Mattress (Olympic Queen)

A mattress cover that combines Memory Foam with High-Density Foam Tooth two-sided. Flammability Standard (also known as Flammability Standard or Medium Firmness) CertiPUR US Certified. Manufactured in the United States.

Who would benefit from an Olympic queen mattress?

Before you attempt to purchase an Olympic Queen mattress, let’s determine who is better off using one: Olympic Queen mattresses are difficult to find, and as a result, they are not for those who just want to purchase the first mattress they see. Instead, these mattresses are targeted towards those who are willing to do some research and go outside their comfort zone to find a mattress of this size.

If you sleep on the same bed as your spouse and you have ever had to reposition yourself because the bed was too small, then you might want to consider the Olympic Queen mattress. It doesn’t seem like much, but the extra 6 inches in breadth might matter.

The mattress’s inexpensive price means it is an excellent choice for someone with a limited budget who wants a larger bed such as a queen size mattress.

As the name suggests, the Olympic Queen mattress may be used by those who have more room to spare. Everything is arranged to the last inch in your guest rooms or bed rooms, and that additional 6 inches feel enormous.

Some of you may be interested in guest room mattress, which may appeal to the notion of an Olympic Queen. That bed is cozy, roomy, reasonably priced, and is more than enough space to accommodate two people. There is no need to give up extra space to have it in the main bedroom.

Olympic Queen bed would be more comfortable for frequent RVers who travel frequently. As long as we’re discussing couples, it is an even better investment to go with this mattress size.

How to choose the best Olympic Queen mattresses?

Olympic queen mattress size

Olympic queen mattresses are significantly smaller than regular queen size mattress or king size mattress. While high-quality Olympic sized mattresses are still available, they may not be as customized as the hundreds of standard queen size mattress businesses. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of mattress manufacturers, you may not be able to find an olympic queen size mattress that meets all of your requirements. An olympic queen size mattresses are 6′′ broader and 6′′ thinner than a regular queen.

Olympic Queen size bed frame

Since the bed frame has to support a bigger Olympic Queen, it has to be wide enough to do so. When combined with a slatted system, the slats need to be arranged in a specific manner to provide the mattress with maximum support of the bed frame (for example, no more than 3 inches apart for foam mattresses).

Olympic queen mattress support

The mattress’s support depends on how effectively it can align the spine and how effectively does your mattress pressure relief is. Choosing a mattress with support might be the difference between waking up refreshed or aching. To ensure a healthy sleeping style, a mattress should match the user’s preferred position (1). This implies the spine is supported while the body’s contours are cradled. So, side sleepers prefer softer queen beds, back sleepers prefer medium (or medium-firm) mattresses, and stomach sleepers prefer a firm mattress.

Olympic queen mattress durability

Check reviews to discover how long consumers claim your mattress lasts. Durability is crucial if you share a bed. Test your mattress’s durability by reading reviews. Durability is crucial if you sleep with someone. For the most part, mattresses should survive at least ten years, if possible, look for firms that give a 10-year warranty.

Olympic queen mattress height

How high do you want to climb every night? In addition to accessibility, consider mattress thickness – thinner mattresses tend to wear out faster than thicker mattresses.

Temperature control of Olympic queen mattress

Cooling gel memory foam is important for sleep hot. If you or your spouse tend to get hot at night, keep a lookout for temperature-sensitive mattresses.

In-home trial periods and return policies of Olympic queen mattress

Many manufactures provide a trial period. Before buying a mattress, give it a good trial run. It’s also important to look at the return policies as well.


For those whose weight less than 130 pounds, it is best to choose a mattress that is softer in all sleeping positions. If you weigh more than 230 pounds, then your sleeping mattress will be slightly harder for each sleeping position.

Motion transfer

The physical distance between the two partners in bed will not affect motion transmission. If you’re a light sleeper, you may have a problem with this. Foam models designed for light sleepers produce the best results. To help achieve that extra-thick comfort layer, consider hybrid mattresses with extra-thick comfort layers.

Finding accessories for your mattress

The seller of your mattress may supply you with anything you could need like olympic queen sheets, linen, comforters, or anything else you might want or require, like that.

It’s a bit more difficult to find various accessories for an Olympic Queen bed due to the olympic queen size mattresses being bigger than a regular mattress size. If you’ve decided to invest in a new mattress and bed of this size, you also should think about the Olympic Queen duvet cover, Olympic Queen duvet inserts, and Olympic queen comforters. Because Olympic Queen mattresses are rather rare, these companies have created a collection of bedding products to match.

Things to consider before choosing Olympic Queen mattress.

Types of the Olympic Queen mattresses
Types of the Olympic Queen mattresses

Choosing a mattress may be a long-term investment in your health, and although you should conduct your search accordingly, there are other factors to consider as well. It is almost impossible to go wrong purchasing a mattress as the conventional sizes are all the same, but other considerations like as the size of your bedroom also have to be considered when determining which mattress size to choose.

Who’s Using the Mattress

This is one of the most important aspects to consider when buying a mattress. There is no need to even consider purchasing a king or California king mattress if you are a solitary sleeper who does not share a bed with anybody. For you, standard queen, full, or full XL beds will most likely suit the bill. For sleepers who want more room, we propose queen and full XL mattresses. On the other hand, we recommend full and twin XL mattresses for sleepers who need to conserve sleeping space.

A queen, king, or California king size is required if you wish to share your mattress with another person or child. A king or California king will be more suitable if you and your partner want to co-sleep with your children.

Size of the Room

You should remember that your bedroom does not just include your bed, but also your dresser, nightstand, and other pieces of furniture. When you give room for mobility and furniture that is comfortable, it’ll be easier to do activities. Your bedroom is your place to unwind and recuperate after a long day. When an area is packed, it might raise tension and make it harder to get a good night’s sleep. So it is not ideal to have a large bed in a small sleeping space.

Location of the Bedroom

When choosing a new bed and bed frames, bear in mind the size of the bedroom. Do consider the width of the stairways and the possibility of moving the mattress from one floor to another if your bedroom is not on the first floor. Bathroom-in-a-box mattresses can help alleviate this difficulty that used to be rather widespread, but certain bathrooms still pose mobility challenges.


Budget is an essential criteria since it establishes the alternatives that are accessible. Once you’ve eliminated all other variables, you may use that information to create a reasonable financial goal for yourself. If you are considering materials, mattress brands, and reading mattress reviews, consider doing so to find the finest option.


If you’re looking for a comfy master bedrooms solution and want to sleep comfortably, an amazing Olympic Queen Mattress is a great option. You get more distance than the queen bed, but you spend less money and effort than the king. A vast majority of Olympic Queen mattresses and bed frames are made with materials that are all obtainable on extra sizes. The bed frame and bedding are designed to accommodate the size of the mattress. A majority of mattresses are sold online, including many Olympic Queen-related accessories and equipment.

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