Olympic queen mattress

What is the Olympic Queen mattress?

There are numerous advantages to choosing an Olympic Queen Mattress. Even the 66″ x 80″ measurements can be excellent for certain bedroom types. This mattress may offer an even far more creative and one of a kind appearance over conventional sizes also. The Olympic Queen Mattress requires a specific mattress framework and bedding. Selecting this size may elongate the shopping process. There are not very many offline locations with it in the sales floor. However, at the close of your day (both figuratively and literally) picking this mattress could possibly be quite rewarding.

The limited instore availability of an Olympic Queen mattress has contributed to in store accessibility of fitting bedding. There are covered bed linens, comforters and other bedding designed with this particular size bed. Typically, that the Olympic Queen Mattress and its organizing accessories might have to be purchased on line. Depending on the thickness of the mattress, king sheets might be substituted at a pinch. However, they’ll soon be loose and aren’t recommended. Using homemade made for larger bed sizes can do the job in addition to much time as you don’t mind additional hangover. For taller bed frames along with thicker mattresses a king comforter might perhaps not be too significant.



Olympic Queen Bed Frame

Use caution if fitting an Olympic Queen bed frame to your brand new mattress. This size mattress requires a certain size bed framework. A traditional King or Queen size frame will not do the job. As a portion of our ever-growing selection, you can expect many sizes of bed frames and will even custom-build bed frames. All these are created using durable furniture grade substances. Each Olympic Queen bed framework crafted includes headboard, footboard, side rails and a box spring. You can even select the colour from several choices.

12″ Organic Cotton Supreme Inch Hybrid Soft

A three-layer composition gives the 1-2″ Organic Cotton Supreme inch Hybrid Soft Olympic Queen mattress a few advantages. Every one of these layers is made up of unique substances that work together, complimenting one another’s natural strengths. This mattress has the texture of a soft memory foam mattress with added support.

This Olympic Queen mattress is also an all-foam option that includes CertiPUR-US® certified foams. The Organic Cotton Supreme 2 Memory Foam Medium mattress has a whole 4 inches of cooling system premium memory foam. This thick multipurpose layer cushions your body while at the same time frame promotes proper alignment of the spine.

The Organic Cotton Supreme 3 Memory Foam Business mattress makes use of high-density polyfoam from the foundational layer. This causes it to be the firmest of the Olympic Queen mattresses and a premier choice. It also enhances the its general strength which may extend the life of this mattress.

As the name implies an Olympic Queen Mattress is bigger than a timeless Queen. This provides the bonus of a roomier top. The fundamental Queen size mattress measures 60″ x 80″ and the Olympic Queen mattress is 66″ x 80″. Lots of folks find that the additional six inches of width causes sleeping with yet another man more comfortable. Additionally, it may more easily accommodate children or pets that could make their way in to the bed. While standard Queen bedding is more readily accessible stores, the additional surface space can make the hunt rewarding.

Olympic Queen Mattress vs King

Down the step by the King to a Olympic Queen mattress has its own benefits also. To compare, the king measures 76″ wide and 80″ long. The additional ten inches of diameter that the king offers comes in another financial cost in many cases. Additionally, the need for more bedroom space could eliminate a king mattress as an alternative. This really is where an Olympic Queen mattress can develop into a great compromise. Still another aspect of selecting an Olympic Queen across the king is in the reduced struggle of moving the bed. A king will almost always weigh longer and can be tricky to go through halls and doorways.

Memory Foam Olympic Queen Mattress

There are quite a few kinds of Olympic Queen Mattress. Memory foam mattress options offer comfort by adjusting to the form of their body. This works to cradle your human body and supply spinal recovery. Memory foam beds have grown in popularity through the years and therefore are made in a number of grade levels. It’s just one choice designed for an Olympic Queen mattress.

Yet another alternative of Olympic Queen mattress type is that latex. A true latex mattress will be assembled using eco-friendly processes. These processes not only help minimize affect the setting, however they also benefit the overall health of consumers. A natural latex Olympic queen mattress will not emit dangerous chemicals and can last more than most other styles.

Olympic Queen Adjustable Bed Frame

An adjustable bed made in the Olympic Queen size would be the Kingship Comfort Custom Adjustable Bed. This size was designed to match inside an Olympic Queen bed framework plus it is useful with Olympic Queen mattresses. The bottom comes with two” thighs and 5″ legs that can be used separately or stacked together for additional height. All these Olympic Queen flexible beds offer several features. Standard foot and head positioning, a zerogravity pre-set, and also three programmable settings to save your favored places are comprised. It also includes a massage function for people that like to indulge.


An excellent Olympic Queen Mattress can be an excellent bedroom answer. You obtain more distance compared to the queen and less burden and cost compared to a king. Most Olympic Queen mattresses have been constructed with the exact materials readily available on additional sizes. They have their size fitting bed frames and bed mats accessible. Purchases of those Olympic Queen Mattress size are primarily done on line. This provides users the added benefit of a large selection of Olympic Queen mattresses and accessories.

Who makes an Olympic Queen mattress?

The Olympic Queen mattresses that you will find below are manufactured by Valley Foam Mattress. They are custom developed into the required specifications. Which usually means it is possible to adjust the measurements slightly according to customer requirements. If this is of interest, it has to be discussed and mentioned just before placing a purchase.

What size of sheets match the Olympic Queen mattress?

Agree to match an Olympic Queen mattress, or even Extended Queen because it sometimes called, could be purchased on the web. Some unbiased options can be found here in chocolate, white, pewter or blue. Olympic Queen fitted sheets aren’t generally available on the shelf in a department store or furniture socket.

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