Queen loft bed

The loft bed is a fantastic way to save space in a small room. With a loft bed, you can add extra space to your bedroom.

Queen loft bed
Queen loft bed

What is a loft bed?

Queen loft beds are becoming more popular since customers desire both more storage and more entertainment areas in their living spaces. A loft bed is a single bed that is elevated above the floor on long, sturdy legs so that the space underneath can be used for other purposes. It is basically a bunk bed minus the lower bunk. A chest of drawers, a small workspace, or more storage might be accommodated in the space saved beneath the bed.

What is the maximum height of a loft bed?

Loft beds can be categorized into three types based on height:

The low loft bed is ideal for children or small rooms. It’s common for a low loft bed’s area underneath to be used as a storage cabinet. Low loft beds can also be used as a hiding place for kids to play or read while hiding room underneath. Beds with low lofts are typically 50 inches (4.2 feet) tall, which allows for ample headroom even in small spaces. 

There is a lot of storage more space under a mid loft bed (also known as Low Bunk). It’s obvious by the name that a lower bunk may be added to this bed. Most mid-rises will have an average height of 61 inches (approximately 5.1 feet). There is still enough headroom to put a mid loft bed in a low-ceilinged room with an 8-foot ceiling.

There’s plenty of room underneath the loft bed for a workstation and chair, a couch or futon, and even a small dining area. A standard tall loft bed is 74.25 inches tall (about 6 ft 2 in). 

Types of loft beds


Adult loft beds are available in a variety of sizes, from twins to kings. The space-saving benefits of a full-size loft bed are most apparent in small residences. There are a variety of sizes, styles, and placements for adult loft beds depending on their intended usage. Loft beds can be manufactured out of metal or wood, and the design can vary depending on the function and purpose. Depending on your funds available, preferences, requirements, and the amount of space available, you can select a loft bed.

What are the benefits of having a loft bed?

A loft bed is a single bed raised from the ground to create additional floor space to utilize as desired. If you enjoy sleeping on the second story, you can have a bed that will raise you above the floor without you needing to have two beds in a room.

Loft bed leaves tons of extra open space area, making rooms appear bigger and increasing the overall space. The basement might be converted into storage and then a comfortable workspace.

What is the difference between a bunk bed and a loft bed?

While a bunk bed has a lower bed or bunk that occupies the space below it, a loft bed does not have a lower bed or bunk that occupies the space below. It is essentially a single bed that has been elevated on supports to a height that allows the floor area below to be used for a variety of purposes. Decorate a play area with attractive drapes, a storage area with bookshelves or dressers, a sofa or futon, or place a desk and chair in the room. Bunk bed and loft bed can be decorated in a variety of ways.

Who should choose the loft bed?

Two adults can comfortably sleep in the same room if you invest in a loft bed or a bunk bed. One advantage to each variation and one drawback to each variation applies to adult audiences.

Two adults can share a loft bed, but you must be aware of the weight limit on your bed. A loft bed with a larger weight capacity is an option for parents who want their children to sleep more comfortably. Be aware that a raised bed like a loft leaves you very far off the ground which, as you would imagine, limits some of the fun you can have on it. There are many sizes of loft beds, such as full sized loft beds, twin loft beds, queen loft beds,s and king loft beds.

Queen size loft beds

While there are hundreds of loft beds available in twin and full sizes, there are few queen size loft beds available.

Top 3 Queen size loft beds

  1. Queen loft Ultra-High Bed
  2. Queen Loft Bed
  3. Theo Chestnut Queen Loft Bed with Desk

Queen loft ultra high Bed

Queen loft ultra high Bed
Queen loft ultra high Bed

More floor area is gained with extremely high queen size loft beds. This big queen size loft bed helps teens and adults with their expanding frames! Rest assured since Maxtrix mattresses have an 800-pound capacity and the “rock lock” technology, which keeps them safe. Over 4 feet of underbed clearance is ideal for storing or working on your desk. Patented Rock Locks ensure the legs are rock-solid with incredible strength. 16-inch-tall guardrails that are ahead of the competition.

Queen Loft Bed

Queen Loft Bed
Queen Loft Bed

This Queen size loft bed gives you a comfortable and elegant sleep. Reclaim valuable floor space in your flat by getting rid of your children’s crutches. This 2,000-pound capacity queen size loft bed has a sophisticated modern design and creative construction and is well-suited for adults because it won’t move about. The simple bed frame comes with everything needed to build it. These adult-size queen size loft beds use top-quality American aluminum and have construction that will better sustain your weight as an adult. The Queen Loft Bed can support up to 2,000 pounds (or approximately 1,000 kg), more than adequate for two individuals. The x-brace design, which keeps the frame steady, makes sure the frame is secure at all times.

Theo Chestnut Queen Loft Bed with Desk

Theo Chestnut Queen Loft Bed with Desk
Theo Chestnut Queen Loft Bed with Desk

This queen loft bed with desk combo gives children, teens, and adults a comfortable place to sleep and work. This queen loft bed has a large bed on the top deck and a full-length workstation that takes up the entire bottom deck. You can put one or two 3-drawer desk chests under the desk board if you want to gain more storage space. Drawers have full extension glides and are dovetailed to give a strong overall structure. As seen, this queen loft is crafted from solid birch and comes in either Chestnut or Lily White finishes. It’s also available in a Bennett Natural finish. Later, you’ll be able to take out the extension legs and it will then transform into a queen size bed.

Top 3 Alternative Twin Loft Beds

Due to the fact that queen-size loft beds are quite rare and it is difficult to find them on the market, you can consider other loft beds that are much more frequently such as twin loft beds or full loft beds.

Twin loft beds

1. Twin Loft Bed with Metal Loft Bed Frame, Desk with Storage

This bed is a good option for a kid or adult loft bed. When it comes to sleeping or studying in style, this loft bed is the perfect choice for kids or adults. For homework, reading, writing, drawing, and other activities, this stylish fluffy bed includes a big table top with a shelf. Upper bed weight capacity is 400 lbs, desk weight capacity is 80 lbs, and shelf weight capacity is 10 ibs.

To make climbing up and down easier, loft beds have ladders built-in. The upper bunks are equipped with full-length guardrails for maximum safety. Students have access to two wooden shelves and a spacious desk under the bed, where they may study and keep school things organized. Metal slats give mattress support in these bunk beds. There’s no need for a box spring.

2. Twin Loft Bed with Full-Length Guardrail and Ladder and Metal Loft Bed Frame

Space-saving loft bed with a lot of storage space under it. You can easily reach the top bunk with the help of an inclined ladder with a non-slip bar that won’t injure your toes. The bed is made of high-quality metal and will not produce any noise or wobble after many years. Using vertical bars, the guardrail prevents quilts from slipping off the bed. The maximum weight capacity of the bed is 220 lbs. The recommended mattress thickness is six inches thick.

3. SHA CERLIN Metal Twin Size Loft Beds Frame with Stairs & Full-Length Guardrail

This bed maximizes the use of little room space, allowing for uninterrupted sleep and entertainment. The upper bunk has full-length guardrails for enhanced security and stability The plastic buckle design can fix the slats firmly to prevent the noise from shifting slats, thanks to the buckle’s plastic construction. There’s plenty of room under the bed for a TV, desks, and seats, among other things. Weight capacity up to 400 lbs. thanks to the square frame structure.

Top 3 Alternative Full Loft Beds

1. Full Loft Beds with Desk and Shelves, Wood Bunk Beds with Desk, No Box Spring Needed

A great solid wood bed that comes in multiple colors and can hold 300 pounds, it is really good quality. Full loft bed with desk, shelves, and storage for clothes and things This bed includes a desk built-in as well as robust shelving unit to ensure there is a comfortable resting place, with plenty and a functional work area underneath. It is possible to use the shelves as a ladder, which will provide access to the bed with ease and security. With guardrails, this loft bed can save you from falling out of your bed.

2. Harper & Bright Designs Full Loft Bed with Desk, Metal Heavy Duty Loft Bed Frame with Shelf

The full loft bed has excellent structure and sleek design with a black finish, making it seem chic in any space, no matter the design. Made of metal with a powder-coated finish, this large, space-saving bed is sturdy and easy to match to any home design. This full-size loft bed is crafted from solid metal and finished with an antirust and durable powder coating that will provide worry-free use for years to come. And don’t worry about it squeaking with the use of this full-size loft bed, because it has a sturdy structure. It also has 12 durable steel frame slats that support the weight of your child.

This bed is perfect for kids and gives round-the-clock safety from falling and breaking bones. Even better, the ladders allow you to ascend and descend easily and with a measure of control.

For people who want to preserve the room, this is a great option. Small bedrooms can benefit from a full metal loft bed like ours with adequate under-bed clearance because our loft bed with desk full size for teens with elevated base creates a pleasant loft space for storing or playing. With this range, you can create workstations, reading nooks, and creative areas out of any space. Loft bed capacity is 400 pounds.

3. Full Size Loft Bed with Desk,Loft Bed with Storage Shelf,Rubber Wooden Frame Full Loft Bed(Brown)

We can be sure that the equipment will function well because of the high-quality components. The MDF guardrail is robust, and the queen loft bed is powerful because it has a wooden frame. This will help make your workout fun and protect you, and it will hold up even when you have to bear 450 pounds on it. It is possible to have a triple-use item for work space in the bedroom because the design includes a desk, ladder, and storage shelf all in one piece. It’s ideal for people who want to multitask as it offers ample workspace, especially if you need to sit while working.

To make it easier to climb onto and off the bed, a wooden ladder is located right next to it. It’s easy to keep books and various other things in the distinctive storage space rack. The beauty of simplicity is illustrated through the use of sharp lines and basic color palettes. The ladder to the full-size loft bed allows for storage underneath the bed, so the bedroom stays clean and orderly. This helps those who want to do tasks, including working, studying, or relaxing.

Is it safe to have a bunk bed or loft bed?

Kids and teens love loft and bunk beds. But, there is concern about how to keep kids safe when sleeping in a raised bed. Take a look at our article on how to enhance the safety of bunk bed ladders.

The difference is negligible, as both have the same level of security. The injuries connected to their users tend to come from poor application and playing too aggressively. Rather, bunk beds and loft beds can have a significant negative impact.

The education of children should involve how to properly use the ladder for both climbing up and down, as well as instructing them in avoiding unruly or unsafe behavior. Young children under the age of 6 should not be allowed to sleep on the top bunk.

The best loft or bunk bed is one that has been proven to be safe by meeting current standards and regulations. To avoid children from slipping out of their bunk beds, you must use guard rails that are at least 3 inches away from the mattress. Your child will not be able to roll off the top bunk, since the guard rails need to extend at least 5 inches above the mattress. And here is a high bunk bed with a railing to keep children safe.

Loft beds
Loft beds


Queen loft beds are often the perfect solution for small apartments that lack much storage, as they more than double your floor area in some cases.

Queen size loft bed is one of the most difficult-to-find types of beds that exist in the market. The great thing about loft beds is that, as a bonus, they’re one of the top beds on the market for those who wish to be able to host guests and enjoy other advantages. The area under their base is larger than a normal bed’s floor space. They are also budget-friendly, making them an excellent overall investment.

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