Serta perfect sleeper mattress

Serta perfect sleeper mattress The team at Serta worked with The National Sleep Foundation to create their line of Perfect Sleeper mattresses, and their goal was to engineer their beds to help the five common sleep problems:

  • Tossing and Turning
  • Lack of Support
  • Sleeping Too Hot or Too Cold
  • Partner Disturbance
  • Mattress Roll-Off & Sagging

The Perfect Sleeper collection covers all types of mattresses and a wide price range so that people with different budgets may be able to find the right fit for them.

We’ve covered everything customers need to know when considering a Perfect Sleeper bed, from an overview of the whole collection to details about the construction of each model and everything in between. Check out our extensive guide below.

Buyers say the motion transfer technology works, and also one person who bought the Glenmoor Super Pillow Top version composed:”Actually we can turn over and maybe not bounce the other person away from the bed is excellent.”

The temperature regulation tech is actually a major hit, too. “I also feel like this mattress really does a wonderful job of keeping my own body temperature regulated so I am not constantly up putting blankets off of me personally,” that a Perfect Sleeper Express 10-inch buyer composed.

Common Complaints

The mattresses may take a few nights to”break,” meaning they are able to initially feel overly business but will eventually become much more comfortable as time passes.

Due to a process known as”mattress off-gassing,” the mattresses can give off a chemical smell for their first day or two. The odor needs to dissipate as time passes.

Some buyers struggle with their mattress sagging or sinking. A Perfect Sleeper® Coralview Firm agency wrote: “It is losing support from the middle, as the sides remain firm. I feel just like I am climbing out of a hammock becoming away from it.”

The entire details on the in-home trial app, per the Serta website:

“relates into iComfort along with I-Series mattresses and conventional foundations only; see that the Serta Comfort Assurance Policy for information on all other Serta mattresses. Doesn’t connect with bed frames or flexible foundations (such as the Serta® Motion Perfect®, Motion Custom™ or Motion Essentials™ elastic foundations). We would like you to make your own iComfort or I Series Sleep System by Serta purchase with absolute confidence. We know that even with making a careful decision, sometimes people might require another degree of relaxation. That is precisely why your iComfort or I-Series mattress and standard foundation purchase is backed by our 120 Day In-Home Trial Policy. Outlined below is the way the 120 Day In-Home Trial works:

Purchase an iComfort or iSeries mattress or mattress/standard foundation set from us by website or phone.

Sleeping on the mattress for at least 30 nights to get used to your new mattress, because it takes a couple of weeks for the system to adjust to a brand new (or any different) mattress. Once your system gets adjusted to the comfort and support of your new mattress, you’re going to know for sure whether you have left the right selection.

If you are still not satisfied with your own iComfort you may either select another iComfort mattress (shipping charges will apply) or return your mattress.

If you would like to return your mattress or mattress set after thirty days, we’ll authorize the yield up to 120 days after delivery. All you have to pay for is just a 15% yield and disposal fee and $200 for shipping and handling, which can be subtracted from the amount credited back to the credit card used to make the purchase. We’ll cover all other expenses.

There’s a limit to a single trial offer per consumer.

This program excludes all Serta adjustable foundations, iComfort® pillows, or any other iComfort® or Serta® accessories. Adjustable foundation sales are final.

Serta won’t accept or charge yields of any product that is stained or damaged in a means that will violate the provisions of our guarantee”

Warranty Details

Each Serta mattress has a “law tag” list a warranty code.

There are also requirements about bed frames.

On Queen and King-size mattresses, owners desire a bed frame with center support that extends to the ground in order to not void the warranty. They may use a good bed platform, however, it has to possess center support that extends into the floor in order not to void your warranty. And, if owners have a Serta adjustable frame, they will need to make sure the mattress they put about it was designed to be used with an adjustable base.

Other items to note: According to this site,”Stains, soiling, fluid penetration or different signs of misuse can invalidate the warranty.” Never take the law tag off your mattress, as that may void the warranty additionally.

Perfect firmness and comfort for our sleep patterns (back sleeper & side sleeper).

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