Platform bed vs box spring

In addition to raising the height of your mattress, bed bases make it easier to get in and out of bed. A platform bed vs box spring are both considered bed bases, however, a platform bed can also be considered a profile bed frame. The use of a box spring or a platform bed can improve the comfort and support provided by a mattress.

Once you have chosen the greatest mattress for you, it is time to select a bed base that complements it. Our buying guide will assist you in selecting the best bed base.

Platform Bed vs Box Spring
Platform Bed vs Box Spring

Benefits of a foundation

The foundation of your mattress is crucial for providing support and extending the life of your mattress. The optimal foundation for you will be determined by your personal tastes as well as the type of mattress you currently own. Box springs and platform beds are two of the most popular types.

The primary difference between a box spring and a platform bed is that a box spring is a foundation that is placed on top of a bed frame, whereas a platform bed is a bed frame that includes a foundation already built-in.

What Is a Platform Bed?

A platform bed is a bed frame that is intended to be utilized without the use of a separate base. An open platform bed is one in which the mattress is directly on top of a platform. The platform can be either a solid surface or one that is made up of wooden slats. Platform beds, like other types of bed frames, can be made of wood, metal, or upholstered materials, and they may have storage space compartments in some cases.

Platform beds are available in a variety of heights, but they typically sit closer to the ground than a regular mattress and foundation design.

Can any mattress go on a platform bed?

Platform beds can be used with most mattress types, including innerspring, memory foam, hybrid, and latex. They are best for people who prefer a clean, contemporary look and have no mobility issues or no problem with their bed being a little closer to the ground.

Adjustable bases are a type of platform bed—so if you want to be able to sit up in bed, this might be a good option for you.

What Is a Box Spring?

Originally, a box spring was a fabric-covered wooden box packed with metal coils that provided additional cushioning for mattresses that were much thinner than the ones that are currently available. Modern box springs (also known as foundations) do not include coils, therefore their primary function is to raise your resting surface a few inches higher while still providing adequate support for your mattress types.

They are available in a variety of sizes. They’re typically used in conjunction with a normal metal bed frame, but they can also be used in conjunction with a decorative bed frame that includes a headboard, footboard, and/or side rails as well as other ornamental elements.

What type of bed needs a box spring?

A box spring is an excellent choice for someone on a tight budget because it is typically the least priced alternative available. It’s also a wonderful choice for folks who prefer to have their sleeping surface elevated a little bit above the ground. For the final step, a box spring foundation is required if you’re using a normal metal bed frame—or any other bed that has nothing more than an outer rim around the perimeter to hold the mattress, possibly with some cross pieces of wood. The mattress will not provide appropriate support if it is not supported by a box spring.

Platform Bed vs Box Spring

We’ve put up this chart to help you better understand whether you’ll need a box spring or a platform bed. It explains the distinctions between the two types of beds.

ComparisonPlatform BedBox Spring
What is the average bed height?18 inches25 inches
Compatibility with mattressesNot all mattress types; always verify with the maker.Not all mattress types; always verify with the maker.
Do you need a bed frame?NoYes
Is there extra storage underneath?Some have built-in storage.Standard frame and box spring design offer storage beneath.
WeightHeavy; hard to moveLighter than a platform bed
ComfortFirm supportResponsive and absorbs shocks
Storage SpaceIt might come with drawers and cabinetsDoes not have storage space

The most noticeable distinction between a platform bed and a box spring is that a platform bed is intended to be used on its own with a mattress, whereas a box spring is intended to be used with a panel bed and an innerspring mattress.

Another significant distinction is the number of different mattress types that can be used with a platform bed or box spring. Platform beds can be used with a wide variety of mattresses, including memory foam mattresses, synthetic and natural latex mattresses, and hybrids, among others.

The classic innerspring bed is the sole mattress type that a box spring is compatible with.

When used in conjunction with a bed frame, box springs tend to offer more height to a mattress than a platform bed on its own. However, this isn’t necessarily a positive thing. When you’re exhausted, it may be tough to climb into bed and make yourself comfortable if your bed is too high for your height.

Your mattress should be at a comfortable height for you to be able to easily get out of bed and stand. If you are able to sit on the edge of your bed with your feet flat on the floor and your knees level with your hips, your mattress is at a comfortable height for you.

Pricing for platform beds and box springs is comparable; both are often priced in the hundreds of dollars per item. Although a platform bed is intended to be self-sufficient, keep in mind that a box spring is intended to be used in conjunction with a regular bed frame. If you don’t already have a bed frame that can accommodate a box spring, you’ll have to purchase one.

Which Is Better? Platform Bed vs Box Spring

Platform beds and box springs are both excellent options for providing a sturdy foundation for a mattress. There are, however, some important distinctions between the two approaches that should be considered.

Platform beds have more storage space possibilities than box springs, which provide little to no storage space beneath the bed. Box springs are firmly attached to the surface of the mattress, allowing only minimal air to circulate through it. Platform beds, on the other hand, with slats spaced 2 to 3 inches apart provide excellent air circulation for the mattress, avoiding moisture and heat from becoming trapped inside.

Metal platform beds are extremely durable since they do not flex or wear out over time. Box springs, on the other hand, gradually lose their sturdiness and support over time. They are also an unsuitable surface for memory foam mattresses since the springs tend to compress when under strain, making it uncomfortable to change sleeping positions on them. Using this memory foam mattress with a platform bed is a fantastic combination!

Platform beds are often more economical than box spring beds, which are more expensive since you must purchase both the box spring and the bed frame individually. Consider the cost of this box spring in addition to the cost of the bed frame. Platform beds are lower to the ground than box spring beds, which can make it more difficult for elderly persons and individuals with mobility difficulties to get in and out of when they are transferring from one to the other.

Bed Base Alternatives

Consider your alternatives when it comes to choosing the finest bed base for you, rather than limiting yourself to only a platform bed or a box spring. It’s possible that a mattress foundation, an adjustable foundation, or a bunkie board will be a better fit for your sleeping needs than a box spring.

Mattress Foundations are a type of foundation that is used to support a mattress.

Unlike box springs, mattress foundations are constructed of a hardwood structure that contains wood slats and is covered with a non-skid, breathable fabric to provide support and comfort. A mattress foundation can be used on its own or in conjunction with a bed frame to provide additional mattress support. Some mattress foundations are equipped with attachable legs, allowing you to convert them into a basic platform bed for your mattress if you so desire.

When it comes to choosing a mattress foundation, slats are an excellent alternative for folks who prefer a cooling mattress because they allow air to easily pass through the bottom and remove heat. Even while many brands market their mattress foundations as being suitable for memory foam mattresses, they actually serve as a sturdy support for all mattress kinds.

Adjustable beds allow you to raise and lower the head and foot of your mattress.

You can raise the head of the mattress to make it more comfortable to sit up in bed, or you can lift it just high enough to alleviate symptoms of snoring, sleep apnea, and acid reflux. Raising the foot of the mattress can ease pressure on the lower back, which can help to alleviate back pain.

The most common reason individuals hesitate to purchase an adjustable bed is the cost—many high-quality adjustable foundations cost more than $1000. Some manufacturers, on the other hand, make them more inexpensive by offering a discounted pricing on an adjustable base when purchased with a matching mattress.

Bunkie boards are just beautified slabs of plywood that have been cut to size to accommodate beds.

They are typically 1 to 3 inches thick, with a fabric covering that prevents the mattress from sliding about on the floor. Bunkie boards have traditionally been used in place of box springs within a bunk bed to keep the mattress of the bunk bed at a low level. If the mattress of a bunk bed is too high, you may end up rolling over the guard rail and landing on the floor several feet below.

Bunkie boards, on the other hand, are an inexpensive solution to provide adequate support for a memory foam or hybrid mattress without spending a lot of money. A bunkie board can be placed inside a panel bed, on top of a platform bed, or on the bottom of a box spring.

We mention the floor only for the sake of completeness, not because it is a bed basis that we recommend.

At the very least, we do not recommend it as a long-term storage solution for your mattress. If you’re in the market for a new bed base, the floor might serve as a temporary resting place for your mattress.

Due to the fact that it exposes the mattress to dirt, dust, and insects, we do not advocate using the floor as a permanent bed base. Air can also circulate through the mattress, which can allow heat and moisture to accumulate and cause mold growth, among other things.

If you plan to keep your mattress on the floor, we recommend that you cover it with a mattress protector made of tightly woven fabric. Check your mattress warranty before leaving your mattress on the floor for an extended period of time, as doing so may void it and make it impossible for you to file a claim if you discover a flaw.

What is the purpose of a bed base?

What are the benefits of purchasing a bed base? Why not simply leave your old mattress on the floor to provide a firm foundation for your new mattress?

For a variety of reasons, it is not advisable to maintain a bed on the floor permanently. Because it is difficult to keep your floors clean, dirt, dust, and vermin are more likely to find their way into your mattress as a result of sleeping on them. A bed frame provides separation between the bed and the floor, as well as the nasty things that accumulate on the floor.

Furthermore, because the floor prevents air from flowing through the bottom of your mattress, heat and moisture are trapped inside the bed. A mattress on the floor is more prone to develop mold, though you can lessen the danger of mold growth by propping your mattress against a wall to allow it to get some air circulation.

The floor might also give the impression of being too solid. In the end, many people who sleep on the floor, particularly the elderly, may find it difficult to get up from their positions in the morning.


Is a Platform Bed or a Box Spring the Best Foundation for Your Mattress? The type of mattress you have will determine whether you should go for a platform bed or a box spring in your bedroom. Platform bed frames are ideal for mattresses made of memory foam, latex, or hybrid materials. Box springs are best suited for mattresses with innersprings, and nothing else.

Of course, these aren’t the only options available when it comes to bed foundations. You can also purchase a mattress, an adjustable bed, or a bunkie board to use as a bed frame to keep your mattress supported.

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