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What Size of Mattress Fits a Three-Quarter Bed? · 3/4 mattress Dimensions is 48 x 75 Mattress

If you’re seeking where to obtain a three-quarter mattress on the web, you’ve arrived at the ideal location. With a growth in the internet mattress fad over the last few decades, you’re able to readily purchase customized mattresses online. You almost certainly discovered this informative article as you want an upgraded 3/4 mattress (also referred to as a brief full). Well, we’ve done all of the research and recorded our top picks to find the most useful three-quarter mattresses in the marketplace nowadays. Our list consists of everything from luxury choices to customizable options and budget-friendly selections. We’ve done our very best to be certain by the conclusion of this article you realize that the mattress will agree with your requirements best.

Best 3/4 Mattress

Best 3/4 Mattress

What dimensions is that a 3/4 mattress?

A typical 3/4 mattress steps 48″ broad by 75″ extended. That really is 6″ thinner compared to a normal full size mattress and 10″ wider than the double dimensions (solitary ) mattress.

What size is a 3/4

What size is a 3/4

What’s a 3/4 mattress utilized for?

Antique 3/4 Size Beds: Many classic beds were produced at a 3/4 size, so therefore, therefore may be your mattress. It could be really hard to obtain an alternative mattress for the classic bed, especially because so most require notches to become trimmed right out from the corners. To not worry we’ve recorded flexible mattress options to fit all of your classic bed requirements.

RV Mattress: RVs frequently utilize custom and odd-sized mattresses to accommodate extra sleeping options inside their distinctive designs. 3/4 mattresses are among the very frequently encountered RV mattress sizes. We’ve recorded all of the most effective options below, together with manufacturers who will customize beds together with curved corners and notches.

RV Mattress

RV Mattress

Matters to Think about before buying a three-quarter mattress.

Frequency of Utilization: we’ve recorded mattresses that satisfy all budgets and standards. Make sure you consider just how frequently you’ll use your mattress. Whether it’ll soon be considered a guest bed or an excess sleeper at an RV you might choose to decide on a thinner funding mattress, while whether it’s a nightly sleeper you’ll narrow to a much more lavish sleeping experience.

Customizations: Assess your classic bed or RV design. Is it true that the mattress you’re ordering requires any notches or corners in order to cut right out? Many customized mattress manufacturers usually do not allow returns on custom products. Make sure you quantify your sleeping stage a few times before ordering.

Cost: most of the time, the costlier the mattress the greater quality stuff, and the more it’s going to endure. Our most useful all-around 3/4 mattress selection is an excellent middle ground between grade stuff and also a very affordable price.

Three quarter mattress

The Various Kinds of three 3/4 mattresses accessible

While three-quarter mattresses or so are considered a habit or strange size mattress they’re very popular compared to the vast majority of additional custom size mattresses in the marketplace. This usually means there are in fact a number of alternatives available and consumers have a number of distinct fashions to pick from.

Hybrid 3/4 mattress: We believe a bunk mattress to be the most effective all-around option for nearly all sleepers. A bunk mattress uses a spring unit in addition to foam as a way to provide the very best of both worlds. Clients get the aid, bounce, and feel of an innerspring unit with all the relaxation and pressure relief of hot foam layers in addition to Brooklyn Bedding produces a hybrid mattress at a three-quarter size and will be your very best all around pick on the list.

Memory-foam 3/4 mattress: foam was originally devised and utilized by NASA and fundamentally transitioned into usage over the sleeping market. Polyurethane Foam includes great pressure relief capacities however may have a special texture that takes a while to get used to. For those who have not slept with a foam mattress, we urge analyzing out one before deciding to get one.

Latex 3/4 mattress: Latex is perhaps one of the very eco-friendly and natural substances while in the bedding market. Latex isn’t simply a well-known health-conscious selection however in addition it has excellent pressure relief and service capacities.





  • It’s Been Called”the Greatest mattress ” by Many Internet clients.
  • More than 2000 5star reviews.
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The Brooklyn Signature mattress can be just a bunk mattress that unites the advantages of a conventional innerspring mattress with all the cushioning and relaxation characteristics of a foam mattress. This mattress also uses”Titan” which unites the most useful properties of memory and latex foam to interest each of sleeping and relaxation preferences. This mattress features something for everybody and is the top choice for the finest all around the mattress. Brooklyn Bedding offers their mattresses in an assortment of the popular”bizarre sizes” and including the three-quarter size possibility. Brooklyn Bedding has been doing the mattress industry for ages and has got their particular mill at which every one their mattresses have been made. This permits them to offer clients a factory-direct price, and that means you acquire a fantastic product at a very competitive price point. Even the Brooklyn Bedding company also owns an organization named RVMattress.com where they focus in RV mattresses, if you’re taking a look at a more 3/4 mattress for the RV that you are able to make certain that this mattress is likely to soon be a fantastic fit and which you’re buying from the business who knows RVer’s sleeping demands and preferences.

MobilePlush Eco-Green Latex Mattress – From Plush Beds

Most Useful Eco-Friendly LATEX OPTION


Top Quality organic latex using a natural cotton cover.

MobilePlush Eco-Green Latex Mattress – By Plush Beds

The Plush Beds Eco-green latex mattress is just one of those sole latex mattresses out there in a 3/4 size. Latex supplies you with a healthful and higher-end comfort experience whilst at the same time providing excellent support. The Eco-Green latex mattress can be combined with a natural cotton cover to guarantee that the purest and healthy sleeping environment. PlushBeds has been at the mattress industry for a number of years features a strict focus on green and sustainable business methods. They’re among the very well-known latex mattress manufacturers and also certainly are an organization that you can truly feel comfortable buying. If you’re interested in finding a latex mattress at just a three-quarter size then this really can be the best option available in the sector.

Bed frame

Good reviews (more than 200 5star reviews).

Luxury Gel Foam Mattress w/ Organic Cotton Cover by Mattress Insider



Mattress Insider is among those leaders in the customized mattress market. They focus on making mattresses such as RVs, classic beds and a number of other strange sizes. Their luxury gel foam mattress can be really a superb all-around memory foam mattress at a sensible price. It’s offered in two distinct thicknesses to support different pricepoints and sleepers. Additionally, it comes standard with a lavish organic cotton cover which may readily be unzipped. Maybe the very unique element is that clients may choose the pay off and magnify the inner foam layers to correct the texture of this mattress which makes it thicker or thicker.

Wanderlust Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding

Wanderlust Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding

Wanderlust Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding

The Wanderlust mattress has become easily the most inexpensive memory foam mattress with this list and really is really superb throughout mattress if you’re on the budget. This mattress is offered in various thicknesses. In case you’re a milder person or intend on sleeping with this mattress several nights in a row we recommend buying at the 8″ thickness alternative. The Wanderlust was created by RVMattress.com that’s possessed by the Brooklyn Bedding Company. This can be a well-known company that is making mattresses inside their very own mill far before the internet mattress fad. This permits them to offer clients mill direct pricing on most of their mattresses, which makes them a fantastic price.




Tochter mattress makes it possible for clients to customize the form and relaxation of this mattress. You may select from two distinct mattresses and also customize curved corners or notches.


  • Adaptive relaxation amounts
  • Different thicknesses accessible
  • Infinite Customized shapes and dimensions

Concerning the organization:

With more than 25 decades of mattress manufacturing experience and more than two million happy customers, Tochta isn’t a stranger to supplying premium excellent sleeping solutions. They supply clients with free delivery and a 100-day risk trial offer and that means that you may ensure the mattress is ideal for you personally before fully committing.




Most Useful Inner-spring OPTION


A Fantastic mattress for back pain and also for People Who dislike the sense of a foam mattress.

If you want the texture of a conventional innerspring mattress afterward this mattress is likely to soon be a fantastic alternative for you. The Park Meadow uses an independently pocketed coil spring unit with relaxation foam layers in addition to This mattress is fabricated by Mattress Insider and may likewise be created in virtually any custom size which clients desire. Innerspring mattresses possess great support and rebound that nearly all sleepers have been utilized to the atmosphere at a mattress.

In the event, you’ll need sheets, comforters, mattress protectors, and so forth… every one of the businesses in the list above provides accessories that you are able to buy together with your 3/4 size mattress.

Alternative Possibilities for buying a three-quarter mattress?

If you like to not obtain your mattress on the web it’s possible to start looking for custom mattress factories in your neighborhood to construct a mattress you’re able to try out before buying. A few custom mattress makers you can look out for from person are:

Verlo Mattress Factories

Original Mattress Factory

How to Proceed with your older custom mattress?

Whenever you buy a mattress online you’re left to discover a means to eliminate your older you. Fortunately”A Bedder World” has mattress disposal services around the nation. We utilize mattress monitoring centers to ensure your previous mattress becomes discarded at the very eco-friendly manner potential. So far we’ve recycled over 500K mattresses. Reserve a pick up here. Or take to re-cycling yourself!


Three-quarter mattresses are now actually quite common and you will find a number of top quality organizations offering alternatives for replacement mattresses. Each one of the firms listed within this informative article are businesses that people hope for and which have great evaluations over the sleeping area. You may really feel confident placing an arrangement having a number of these.

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