3/4 mattress

3/4 mattress is an ideal component for those who seek additional sleeping space but do not have enough place for a double bed or a full size mattress.

How to choose the best three quarter mattress
How to choose the best three quarter mattress

Good sleep reduces stress and increases brainpower. A good night’s sleep has many other advantages. Consistent sleep decreases dark circles beneath the eyes, improving one’s beauty. The advantages of a good night’s sleep cannot be overstated.

But many people still ignore this essential human need. Many reasons force people to stay awake all night. Stress, workload, insomnia, and other factors might cause it. However, if your ability to sleep is related to an uncomfortable mattress, your situation can be improved. Maybe it’s time for a new three quarter bed. Your body may require more space to rest, or your mattress may need to be replaced. A mattress should be updated every 7–10 years.

Three quarter mattress

A proper three quarter mattress for your home is not always easy to find. Three quarter mattresses are one of the best solutions available on the market if you want a nice mattress to sleep on.

The three quarter mattress is between the standard sizes single and double standard beds. It is ideal for those who need extra sleeping space but does not have enough place for a double bed. Three quarter mattresses are more restful because they allow your body to stretch. Your three quarter mattresses allow you to sleep comfortably.

Three quarter mattress dimensions are 48″ wide by 75″ long, which 6″ thinner than a standard full size mattress and 10″ wider than a twin size (single) mattress. They are between single and double beds in size. It’s best for a single person.

How many people can sleep in a three-quarter mattress?

3/4 mattress is between single and double sized mattresses, making it ideal for those who prefer extra space in their bed. So it is suitable for a single individual. However, two people of ordinary size can sleep comfortably on it. If two people want a three quarter mattress for their home, they should try it together before buying it. This assures a sensible purchase for all parties. This ensures your three quarter mattress purchase is worthwhile. You also do not buy bedding repeatedly.

Availability of 3/4 mattress

Three quarter size mattress are less common than other mattress sizes. This is because many bed manufacturers do not make these 3 4 mattresses. So, if you look for 3 4 mattresses on the market, they only come with filling and spring systems. No visible feature of the three quarter mattress is improved to improve their quality.

The main reason for the lack of availability of these 3 4 mattresses is the 3 4 bed frame issue. Three quarter beds are less common since they are difficult to get in metal, wood, fabric, and leather.

Best 3/4 mattresses

1.Greaton Medium Innerspring Mattress

3/4 mattress has excellent softness and resilience for unequaled comfort, ultra-strong innerspring mattresses structure for maximum support. You may sleep better and feel better every day. This 3/4 mattress is created in the USA for the greatest quality! The Orthopedic Medium Plush three quarter mattress on the right relieves joint and back pain by supporting every inch of your spine.

2.TRAVEL HAPPY Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This 3/4 mattress will impress for you. This mattress has a lovely white textured eight-way stretch fabric with a pebble gray border. Because the memory foam is loaded with graphite cooling gel, it is cooler and more pleasant than foam with simply gel-filled beads. The mattress reduces motion transmission since the foam absorbs movement. The mattress provides personalized support for all sleep positions.

The mattress has a 10-year warranty and is certified by Certi-PUR US to meet or exceed strict content and emission criteria. The mattress is made in the United States without the use of fiberglass or harmful chemicals.

3.The American Mattress Company

You will enjoy the comfort and support of this 10″ graphite gel-infused memory foam mattress, which will allow you to have a good night’s sleep. The triple-layer construction includes a high-density 7″ Foam Base, 1.5″ HD Flex transitional layer, and 1.5″ graphite infused memory foam on top of the base.

It is more comfortable to sleep on graphite-infused memory foam than on gel-infused memory foam. The Graphite Infused Memory Foam mattress measures 10 inches in height and has a medium-firm feel.

4.Sleep Adventure Gel Mattress

The Sleep Adventure 4″ cooling mattress is made up of a 3″ high-density base foam that is topped with a 1″ layer of Visco gel-infused memory foam for added cooling. This mattress is covered with a stretch knit fabric that is comfortable and breathable. You may be certain that you are having a good night’s sleep without inhaling any dangerous chemicals or fiberglass particles. The stretch knit cover is airy and soft, which helps to encourage cooling and comfort while sleeping. Graphite-infused memory foam helps to provide ideal cooling while you sleep.

5.Mattress Comfort Medium

In addition to being a maker of the top quality mattresses available, this mattress holds itself to the highest standards in terms of longevity, quality, comfort, and aesthetics. This mattress is a part of the Tomorrow Dream collection. This mattress is available in all sizes as well as in three quarter size and is specially engineered to provide you with the uninterrupted sleep that nature intended.

It is designed to target the heaviest part of your body so that you are well supported while you sleep and can enjoy your night peacefully. The mattress absorbs motion disturbance with encased springs, making it ideal for people who have different sleeping schedules and habits and who want to sleep comfortably with their partners. The 357 innerspring verticoil and 13 SH gauge unit mattress eliminate pressure spots, allowing you to fall asleep more quickly and comfortably. The right top mattress relieves back pain by supporting every inch of your spine, which helps to prevent it from occurring.

6.Mattress Solution Mattress

The Mattress Solution mattress is just what you’ve been looking for. With the help of this Orthopedic Mattress, you may get a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling better every morning. The 8-inch Orthopedic Mattress provides you with an 8-inch gentle firm mattress that provides lots of orthopedic support to help you maintain a healthy spine as you sleep.

This mattress, which is designed to remove pressure spots, makes you feel more comfortable from the minute you lie down, resulting in less tossing and turning and an overall improvement in sleep quality. The Orthopedic Medium Plush mattress minimizes back pain by supporting every inch of your spine.

7.Excel Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Excel Sleep 6″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress is compatible with adjustable beds! The perfect level of comfort is provided by a high-quality medium-firm mattress. Breathable foam that assists in maintaining a comfortable body temperature while sleeping. Increases the density of the memory foam, resulting in a surface that is both soft and firm at the same time.

Gel-infused memory foam will conform to your body in the same way as typical memory foam, but you will not suffer the same heated, sinking sensation. The mattresses are carefully made in the United States. For a 6 inch mattress, the ideal weight per sleeper is 250 lbs. or less per person.

Thinks to consider before replace your antique bed with a new three quarter mattress

  • Think how often you will use your mattress.  For use as a guest bed or an extra sleeper in an RV, you may wish to choose a thinner budget mattress, however if it will be used on a regular basis, you may choose a more luxurious sleeping experience.
  • Check the design of your antique bed or RV for customizations. Is it necessary to trim any notches or corners off of the mattress you’re considering ordering? Some customized mattress makers do not allow return on custom-made products. Make sure you measure your sleeping platform several times before placing your purchase.
  • Quality materials and a long life mattresses are associated with higher-priced mattresses, which are generally of superior quality. It’s a fantastic compromise between high-quality materials and a affordable price that makes it our top all-around 3/4 mattress selection.

Three Quarter Mattress 48 x 75 vs 48 x 72 Mattress

Three quarter mattresses
Three quarter mattresses

Before making a mattress purchase, it is critical to evaluate your own particular requirements in terms of mattress size and comfort. The vintage bed sizes can be employed in a variety of situations. Perhaps you have been fortunate enough to come upon a vintage bed frame and would like to put it to good use. Perhaps you’ll be using it in a recreational vehicle in the future. They can even be used inside the home to make more place for furniture or to better fit the available space in the room.

As a result, the three-quarter mattress is not a solution that is suitable for everyone. Instead, this size provides a variety of possibilities. The three-quarter mattress is available in a variety of sizes, one of which is the 48 x 75 mattress size. It has a more typical mattress length but a narrower width than most other options. The advantage of a 48 x 75 mattress is that it provides the same amount of overall legroom as a Twin- or Full-size bed in most situations. The 48 x 72 mattress size is a three-quarter mattress that takes into account the amount of available square footage in the room. Its primary advantage is that it can better accommodate accommodations with limited space.

The different types of 3/4 mattresses

While three quarter mattresses are technically classified as custom or odd size mattresses, they are more popular than the bulk of other custom size mattresses available. This means that there are actually quite a few options accessible and that buyers can choose from a variety of distinct styles.

  • Hybrid 3/4 mattress: For the majority of sleepers, we believe a hybrid mattress is a great mattress all-around solution. A hybrid mattress combines springs and foam to provide the best of both worlds. Customers receive the support, feel, and bounce of an innerspring unit with the added benefit of comfort and pressure reduction provided by popular foam layers. Brooklyn Bedding manufactures a hybrid mattress in a three quarter size that is our top overall recommendation.
  • Memory Foam 3/4 mattress: Originally developed and used by NASA, memory foam eventually found its way into the sleep market. While memory foam provides excellent pressure points relief, its distinctive feel may take some time to adjust to. If you have never slept on a memory foam mattress, we strongly advise you to do so before making a purchase.
  • Latex 3/4 mattress: Latex is one of the most natural and environmentally friendly bedding materials available. Not only is latex a popular health-conscious material, but it also possesses incredible pressure reduction and supports properties.


Three quarter mattress
Three quarter mattress

Finding the perfect three quarter mattress or 3/4 mattress can be a time-consuming and difficult undertaking. Not all of them will fit exactly in such a little frame, and even if their measurements are correct, they may not be as comfortable as they should be. Make sure your antique bed will suit a non-traditional 3/4 size mattress or your antique three quarter bed. Mattress protectors for your mattress might help you enjoy your mattress for a longer period of time and keep your sense of pleasure.

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