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waterbed, waterbed heater, waterbed conditioner, airbed, mattress, air mattress, spring-coil mattress, waterbed mattress
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waterbed, waterbed heater, waterbed conditioner, airbed, mattress, air mattress, spring-coil mattress, waterbed mattress

Waterbeds, waterbed accessories:  Need a waterbed, hard-side waterbed, soft-side waterbed, conditioner or waterbed heater, waterbed mattress or bladder? Waterbeds by Strata and Boyd, Blue Magic waterbed conditioner,  Thermal Guardian waterbed heater range, the Eclipse airbed pump and products from Marshall, Springwall, Halcyon, as well as and a wide range of items by other bedding and furniture manufacturers. Or an airbed or air mattress, memory foam mattress , spring and coil mattress, metal futon, solid pine futon, bed accessories, solid pine bedroom furniture, and wicker rattan furniture?

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JAYLAN Memory Foam Pillow

US$37.00   C$39.95
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Blue Magic Sapphire Waterbed Conditioner

Waterbed Conditioner - For all waterbeds

Featured Product

BLUE MAGIC® Sapphire Waterbed Conditioner (8 oz. bottle) conditions the water inside your mattress to keep it fresh and odour free... [more]
Price: US$13.00  C$13.50  each
             €9.15         UK £6.25

                The best waterbed conditioner!


Waterbed mattress by GENESIS

Genesis waterbed mattress;
2 Layer Motion control..Pearlized Azure Vinyl
Smooth Top. 1" Double Re-inforced Corners.
(See other models)
US$155   C$159.00
(Remote destinations may have extra charges)

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Waterbed Heater

That Warm, Fuzzy Feeling...

Thermal GuardianSolid State Quantum waterbed heater, with light; certified to the standards of the Underwriter's Laboratories for Waterbed Heaters #1445, 18 gauge power cord, 32 gauge nickel/copper flexible circuitry, larger pad with 64 gauge thermal fused Duraflex® vinyl.• State-of-the-art Ultra sensitive electronic control that holds the temperature to + or - 1/8 degree of set point. Insures consistent and accurate temperature sensing and readout.

Regular Low Price: $110.95 CAD
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US$85.00   C$99.00
(Remote destinations may have extra charges)


Waterbed mattress by Strata

Thermal Guardian Solid State Low Watt waterbed heater
Strata Flotation Sheffield Premium pillowtop waterbed mattress;
The Strata Sheffield waterbed has a plush jump and tack quilted pillowtop, with ... [more]

US$1,169.00   C$1,299.00
       €918.00        UK £625.00
USA.Can orders, shipping included

Sleep System Beds
  'Sleep System' Beds
'Sleep System' modular beds can be ordered with a water, air, spring or foam mattress interior. The mattresses are interchangeable, so, for example, you can replace your 'Sleep System' airbed mattress with a 'Sleep System' waterbed or foam mattress.



Hydraulic Waterbed

BOYD Regency Elite Plush hydraulic waterbed mattress
BOYD Regency Elite Plush Hydraulic waterbed mattress has patented air cushion four layer reinforced corners, patented memory hi-loft Thermal Bonded fibre, Thermavinyl heat-resistant black bottom, four point Memory Stretch tether system, one full fibre layer for added comfort, fully connected forty-two chamber wave reduction system... [more]

Price: US$179.00     C$199.00
€140.00           UK £96.00
             for queen-size

Springwall Chiropractic

Chiropractor Approved!

Springwall International Chiropractic 640 Tight Top mattress set
Springwall Chiropractic Award Series 640 mattress sets have 640 superlastic continuous coils in the queen size, a convolute foam in the comfort layers to achieve softness and contour, tight top and plush top mattresses, and all the Chiropractic Series features at an affordable price... [more]

Price: from US$674.00  C$749.00
                 €529.90              UK £361.56
                    (for tight top twin)

Latex or Memory Foam

Latex or Memory Foam Mattress Pads with cover!

memory foam mattresses and pillows
Latex & Memory foam mattress pads
Latex and Memory Foam matresses and mattress pads are made of energy absorbing, temperature-sensitive foams that naturally conform to your head, neck and body ... [more]

Price: from US$179.00 C$199.00                         €140        UK £96

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